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A Wedding Film is every couples Biggest regret if they dont have it.

Liam Joseph Photography & Film AWARD WINNER
NOEWA Award Winner Liam Joseph Photography & Film
Liam Joseph Photography & Film AWARD WINNER


I DO Magazine and both publish year in, year out, that every Brides biggest REGRET is not having a video! 


But Why?

So many beautiful moments unfold during the wedding day that the couple doesn't see. So having video footage to watch later gives you a glimpse of what happened when you were busy mingling, dancing, or having photos taken.


Getting ready footage shows the behind-the-scenes excitement that goes on when you are usually in different rooms with your side of the bridal party. You spend a large part of the day getting ready, and it's a fun time that deserves to be recorded.

The Regret

The Its super easy to be sat comfy, together as a married couple, or with friends and family, then playing your video on the Big TV. But getting the photos out is a little more hassle. 

The sorrow of not having video footage can hang around for years, especially on your wedding anniversary. 


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