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  • Is Videography worth it in 2024/25?
    Every couple is different. But every brides biggest regret if they dont have videography... is not having a beautiful video to relive their day
  • How long will i have to wait to get my photos/film back?
    As an average we say 6-8 weeks. but we will deliver a teaser of photos or video much sooner. Wedding season could be 8 - 12 weeks. But we will always be upfront and honest to set correct expectations.
  • Do I have to feed the photographer or videographer?
    Most couples do choose to feed and water us. We would not need to be counted on your final table numbers or sit on your tables during the wedding breakfast. We hide away to charge equipment, back up our SD cards and take that much needed break and re fuel. Please let us know if we will need to bring a pack up.
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
    For our camera bodies, we use multiple SONY A7 IV's and NIKON D750's with multiple different lenses. We also have wireless mic's for audio, Lights for dark environments plus "too many" other bits and bobs. ​
  • What if we are camera shy and don't like posing?
    No problem, our style of photography is Candid. Which means we blend in and capture your day as it happens. We also use non intrusive cameras so can capture stunning photos from a distance. When it comes to getting the group photos, we start with everyone and reduce it down quickly allowing guests to go and get drinks. Then when it comes to your couple photos, we have tried and tested lots of different ways to put clients at ease. The best way we have found is to grab little and often. 5mins here, 5mins there. This way you don't feel like you're away from your guests and we get all the photos we all want without it feeling like a chore or awkward.
  • What happens if you're sick on our day?
    We work with other fantastic Photographers and Videographers who have been on many weddings with us. Gareth Shaw Photography has been working with us for the last few years, along with Hitched Productions for video. If for whatever reason we are unable to attend, we would ensure you had a like for like replacement. Someone who knows us and we trust to represent our business and capture your day perfectly.
  • Do we need to pay for your travel expenses?
    If your wedding is within a 60mile radius of Sheffield, you don't pay us anything. otherwise travel and accommodation expenses may be applicable. Please drop us a message and we can chat
  • What if we want to add Storybook albums after the wedding?
    No problem, we can send you a new invoice and have it completed for you on delivery day.
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